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1.Why we need a sauna room ?

With the spread of the COVID-19 virus, people should be aware that health is the most important thing. We can't stop the virus. We can only strengthen our resistance to all viruses. Exercise makes our body stronger. Often steaming sauna allows us to expel toxins from our body. The combination of the two allows us to resist the invasion of any virus.


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1. After a lot of testing and application, hemlock and red cedar can resist cracking and long-term use in thermal environment. This is an important reason why they have been used in sauna room building and manufacturing for so many years.

2. The appearance of hemlock and red cedar is more natural and beautiful. The longer the time, the more beautiful the color of good hemlock is. It's like a layer of honey on the surface, which has luster. The sauna room built by red cedar can emit natural wood fragrance, which is beneficial to the human body and has a beautiful and luxurious appearance.

3. Corrosion resistance. North American red cedar has strong corrosion resistance. Its wood does not rot in the river for several years. It is a good wood for sauna.

4. The wood of hemlock is hard, the growth rings are clear, and the wood color is elegant and uniform; Red cedar has soft wood, light weight, fine and straight grain and uniform wood texture.

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