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1.Why we need a sauna room ?

The efficacy of sweat steaming room
1.Deep detoxification Tomalin sweat steaming can really deep sweat, excrete toxic substances in cells and take away a lot of garbage in the body.
2.Acid base balance

When sweating, Tomalin will release a large number of hydrated air negative ions, which can reduce the concentration of hydrogen ions in body fluids. The less hydrogen ions, the weakly alkaline body fluids.

1.Reduce blood fat and blood pressure. Tomalin continuously releases natural negative ions. It can eliminate harmful substances such as deposition in the body, eliminate blood pollution, inhibit serum cholesterol, lower blood lipids and reduce the incidence rate of atherosclerosis.
2.Beauty salon can effectively penetrate the deep layer of skin and accelerate the blood flow of face and whole body through strong penetration, activation and metabolism, so as to effectively improve microcirculation and metabolism.
3.Sterilization, analgesia, far infrared and negative ions have a significant inhibitory effect on Candida albicans and Staphylococcus aureus.
4.Relieving fatigue can regulate self-discipline spirit, relieve fatigue, and play a good role in insomnia and neurasthenia. The physical strength and energy decrease caused by long-time business trip or overload work can be recovered quickly.
5.the longevity of longevity, the radiation of far-infrared rays 4--14 micron directly affects the growth and development of human beings, also known as the "growth light" or "the light of life"

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1. After a lot of testing and application, hemlock and red cedar can resist cracking and long-term use in thermal environment. This is an important reason why they have been used in sauna room building and manufacturing for so many years.

2. The appearance of hemlock and red cedar is more natural and beautiful. The longer the time, the more beautiful the color of good hemlock is. It's like a layer of honey on the surface, which has luster. The sauna room built by red cedar can emit natural wood fragrance, which is beneficial to the human body and has a beautiful and luxurious appearance.

3. Corrosion resistance. North American red cedar has strong corrosion resistance. Its wood does not rot in the river for several years. It is a good wood for sauna.

4. The wood of hemlock is hard, the growth rings are clear, and the wood color is elegant and uniform; Red cedar has soft wood, light weight, fine and straight grain and uniform wood texture.

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